Free At Last

Time To Forgive

There is no doubt we sometimes mess up in life and when faced with shame we are tempted to get out our whip and beat ourselves up.

I too have fought my battles with forgiveness, but thankfully I have beaten that devil to death and won.  To illustrate let’s imagine you have a small beautiful loving daughter.  Let’s also imagine you meet someone who is extremely important to mankind.  This important person, for whatever reasons, holds the keys for millions of lives but there is a problem.  That important person has a disease and the only person that can help him is your little daughter.  But in order to save the life of that important person requires your consent for your daughter to go through a horrible and extremely painful operation – an operation that will result in the death of your daughter.

For whatever virtuous reasons you consent an they wheel your daughter into the operating room.  Because of the nature of the operation and the needed organs, blood, etc.  they can not give your daughter anything to help with the pain.   You can hear her screaming as your heart wrenches in your chest.  This goes on for some time until finally there is silence and your lovely daughter is dead.

The important person who’s life you are attempting to save by the sacrifice of your daughter starts making his way towards you.   As you see him walking towards you, you are expecting him to express his gratitude and overwhelming thankfulness for what you just did for him.   But shockingly that is not the case.  Instead he begins to tell you his life is NOT worth saving and that you just sacrificed your only child for nothing.  He rejects what you did for him and walks off.  How would that make you feel?

In like manor,  I can’t think of anything we can do to insult our Lord more than to tell Him our life is not worth saving and the sacrifice of His Only Son was for nothing.  He died for us!  He bled for us!  He suffered a horrible death and I am not going to be the one who tells Him he did it for nothing.   Instead, even though I don’t see how that I am important, by faith I accept His love, mercy and His truth that says that I am important to Him.

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