Free At Last

I am not losing ground – it is a lie

Dear Jesus,

Thank You! For all that You are doing in my life right now. Lead me in prayer right now. I feel the need to talk to You. Lead me in what to write on my website. Keep me from writing out of pride. If there is anything I can do to minister to others, I want to do it. I do not have a pulpit or audience.

Rebuke the enemy for me. Please take out your rod and staff and chase him away. He is lying to me again. He is telling me I am losing ground – which I know is a lie. He is telling me I have offended You by my procrastination and again that I am losing ground. He is telling me that I need to “get back to” my past more powerful experience with You – In other words, he is tempting me with the old lie that I need to start over – that I have lost ground.

I know all that is a lie. First off I know it is a lie because just yesterday – for the first time ever – as far as my memory can tell – I / We experienced my FIRST “two way” prayer. I have always wanted You to talk to me during prayer and yesterday was the first time that ever happened. I talked to You like a friend and I felt You revealing Yourself to me and giving me revelation at same time. THAT WAS HUGE! Thank You so much. That was a very very real advancement into the kingdom of God.

So take that satan, you enemy of the Lord and enemy of mine. I am advancing and you know it. I am growing from grace to grace and you are running scared. You know my power with Jesus is growing as my faith grows. You know I am going to tear down strongholds – that by His Love people will know I belong to Him, my Savior.

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