Free At Last

God's Gift To Himself

Our Intimate Relationship With God

I want to share an experience I had with the Lord several years ago.  It was one of those times when I was trying so hard to make my way back to him.  I don’t know if you believe God talks to people or not, I certainly do.  I believe He talks to all of us, all the time, we just don’t always recognize it as Him.  There are those times when He makes His voice so plain that, while it is not an audible voice, you could say it is close to being one for it is sooooo clear.

Well He spoke to me and told me He had “reserved me to Himself“.  When God speaks to us it is on a very very personal level and He does so in a way that the receiver understands, even if nobody else does.  Every time I have shared this experience with other people they usually misunderstand the meaning.  Just tonight He gave me a new way of explaining this so that it can be understood by others.

Have you ever purchased a gift for yourself?  Of course you have, we all have bought gifts for ourselves from time to time.  Well when God told me that He had reserved me to Himself, it was like He told me that He created me as a gift to Himself.  I was His gift to his own self.  Of course, that is true for each one of us.  Think about that…
You are God’s gift to himself!

It makes me feel pretty good!  How about you?

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