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Series Introduction – Pride

I was in my late thirties before I read about “self-esteem”.   Until then my main source of inspirational material was the Bible and since the scriptures never mention “self-esteem” as being a problem – I never entertained the idea it was a problem.  But that first book on “self esteem” changed all that and honestly life hasn’t been the same since.

Slowly but surely I too came under the cultural hypnosis that I needed to prop up my self-esteem and the more I tried the farther my life sank into the pit of despair. We would be so much better off if we would quit talking about propping ourselves up (self-esteem talk) and start talking about how we need to humble ourselves before God and man.

One of the reasons this is so difficult to convey is because the enemy has once again mixed some truth with a pack of lies to make a poisonous brew the masses swallow without thought – doing more harm than good.

For example, it is true we need to forgive ourselves (see my post on “Time To Forgive“.  It is also true the Lord doesn’t appreciate it when we are always bringing up our past sins (see my post on “Stop Reminding Me Of Your Past!”  And it is paramount that we stop comparing ourselves with ourselves or with other people which is the main reason people get depressed and think they need their self-esteem propped up (see my post on “Fairness Is A Satanic Idea – A Doctrine Of Devils“.

But it is evil to think we need to love ourselves more and more.  Instead what we need is to love our neighbor more – to love our neighbor as ourselves – to prefer others before ourselves.

My prayer is that reading through this series of articles on pride you will be inspired to seek humility as never before.

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