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Fairness Is A Satanic Idea – A Doctrine Of Devils

2 Corinthians 10:12 KJV … but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.

Matthew 20:1-16 CEV […]

10The workers who had been hired first thought they would be given more than the others. But when they were given the same, 11they began complaining to the owner of the vineyard. 12They said, “The ones who were hired last worked for only one hour. But you paid them the same that you did us. And we worked in the hot sun all day long!”

13The owner answered one of them, “Friend, I didn’t cheat you. I paid you exactly what we agreed on. 14Take your money now and go! What business is it of yours if I want to pay them the same that I paid you? 15Don’t I have the right to do what I want with my own money? Why should you be jealous, if I want to be generous?”

16Jesus then said, “So it is. Everyone who is now first will be last, and everyone who is last will be first.”

In verse 13 of the above passage of scripture many modern translations insert either the word “fair” or “unfair” into the text.  That is unfortunate for the idea of “fairness” is a satanic doctrine.  God is NOT fair – He never said He was fair – He is not interested in being fair.  Rather God is “just” and “good” and “kind”, but He is not fair.  Fairness is the idea of comparing men to other men which Paul said was not wise.  It is forbidden in the scripture for us to compare ourselves with ourselves or to compare ourselves with others.  God calls us to fix our eyes on Jesus for it is He who is our great example – he is our standard for comparison.   We are too compare our lives with the life of Christ and strive to be more like Him – not to become more like other men.

It is truly amazing how good God is to me and yet I too get caught up in this demonic idea of “fairness”.   He blesses me here and blesses me there – everywhere I turn I see His blessings on my life and yet because He withholds answers in one or two areas, I scream “foul”.  I complain and moan that He is not being fair with me.  In the past I have said to Him thousands of times, “God I just do not understand. Why do You refuse to answer?”

Thankfully, I am trying to stop – though I am still not perfect.  But at least now when I complain, I tell Him, “Please, my Lord don’t hold my complaining against me for I am weak and rather stupid.  Please just ignore my wailing.”

In such times I image a small child who has thrown a temper tantrum, who is flailing his arms about uncontrollably – throwing and breaking anything he can get his little hands on.  That is me!  And then God does His thing.  He, my Lord, walks calmly and lovingly over to me and wraps His arms around me – to keep me from hurting myself and doing more damage – and holds me tight in His love and lets me know that, while it is not OK what I did or didn’t do – He does understand that I am but flesh and loves and forgives me anyway.

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