Free At Last

Give Me The Desire, To Desire, To Do What Is Right

My morning prayer as written in my journal:

Dear Jesus,

I am struggling with the same old question of how to overcome – defeat the old man of sin?   How do I find motivation to do what is right when evil is present with me going against my desire for Christ to do what is right?

You have given me new powerful tools and strategies for overcoming my most powerful – life long battles.  So now, naturally my attention turns to what is next?  How do I proceed?  In my mind, my next battles are those of ___________, ___________ and caring for my health.  And as I turn my attention to those battles the old man within me haunts me with guilt for not taking on those battles and yet at the same time robs me of inspiration to take on those battles.  As Paul said, When I want to do good, there is another member within me warring against my mind.

It seems to me what I really lack is Your inspiration to do battle in these areas.  I know even attempting to battle armed with only my will-power is a losing battle all day long – so I don’t even try to battle without Your inspiration empowering me.  So I wait….  I wait on You to enlighten my mind – to inspire my emotions – to give me the desire, to desire, to do what is right.

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