Free At Last

A Street-Sign For Jesus

A while back I was asking the Lord to give me an illustration which I could use to fight off the demons of pride that were attacking me.  I wanted something I could picture in my mind that would inspire me in humility and yet represent what I truly desire to be for Christ.

After some prayer and waiting on my Lord He gave me just such an illustration. The image He gave me was that of a “street-sign”.  If you think about it after we get the direction we need from a street-sign we do not stop and begin to praise and worship that sign.  We do not say things like, “Oh man what a great looking sign.  Oh how strong that sign looks and what wisdom and knowledge it acquired.  Wow! How impressive is that sign.”  I bet you’re laughing at the very thought of such foolishness.

A street-sign does nothing but point people in the correct direction.  When people are travailing from one place to another they barely glance at it and then move on to their destination.  That is the way I want to see myself.  Just a street-sign.  A street-sign for Jesus pointing to the life of Christ – for He alone, through His sufferings on the cross, has supplied the answers for all our lives.  My heart longs to point people to Jesus saying; “Over there — there is your true destination – He is the one with the answers for your life that you have been searching for, searching for so long.  He only has the words of eternal life. Honor Him!”

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