Free At Last

Do I Really?

Lawrence Ford wrote:

To think that the Creator of the universe took on the form of those He created. “And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross” (Philippians 2:8).

All of us, even those in high-profile ministries, need to be mindful of the humility exhibited by Christ. He was absolutely committed to truth, and sometimes confronted the religious hypocrites of His day with severity. But Jesus did not come to be served. Rather, He came to serve and ultimately give His life as a sacrifice for your sins and mine (Mark 10:45; 1 John 2:2). He is the only example we should endeavor to follow.

In my post on Stop Reminding Me Of Your Past! I wrote:

These men [The Apostles Paul and Peter] were EXTREMELY confident and yet EXTREMELY humble, because they though it foolishness to compare themselves with other men.  And while they refuse to compare themselves with men THEY DID compare themselves with Christ thus they were humble men who loved God and men.

When re-reading the above this morning I had to ask myself, “Do I really?  Do I compare my life to the life of Christ?  Is He my example I strive to emulate?”  Of course I have thought of this many times before, but this morning it comes with renewed force.  Am I striving to be like Jesus?  Do I truly approach the subject in humility and contrast my life to His?  Or do I hold Jesus up so high that I simply give up and resign myself to the lie His life is too high a standard for me?

While it is true that I can not be physically reborn into this world a sinless human, I can commit my life to Christ and live sinless from now on – according to the scripture.  Am I now living a sinless life?  Absolutely not!  Do I know anyone who is living a sinless life?  Well that is not for me to judge, but let me behave as a fool for a moment and respond in foolishness by saying, I do not believe I know such a person.  Do I believe there are people in this world who are living a sinless life?  Absolutely!  – probably thousands if not millions of committed Christians are doing so –  I am just not sure if I know any of them.

Why do I believe it is possible to live without sin?  Because Jesus told us to “go and sin no more.”  He told this to both the lame man whom Christ healed in John 5:14 and the woman caught in adultery in John 8:11.  I refuse to believe that Christ would ever tell us to do something and then not give us the power to do it – that would be cruel.  And if there is one thing in life I know for sure is that our Lord is a good, kind and loving God and cruelty is not in His vocabulary.

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