Free At Last

Dear Lord, Open My Eyes

Have you ever watched the movie “The Invisible Man”?  Imagine two such invisible men standing beside each other.  In your mind’s eye, spray paint the man on the right. Now you can see him and know he truly exists because he is covered in paint. But in reality, the other invisible man also exists only you can not see him with your natural eyes; such is comparing the natural world with the invisible spiritual world we can not see.

The world we see has been spray painted by the hand of God so we can see and experience those things in this life, but in reality there are other beings – other spirits – other things in the spirit world we can not see that are just as real.  For this world will past away, but those things we can not see are eternal.

Dear Jesus,

Never let me forget the reality of the spirit world.  Never let me forget the unseen but very real love You have for me.  Never let me forget there are angels watching out for me and my love ones.  Never let me forget there is an enemy I can not see and prepare my heart to fight against him and win.

Open my eyes so I can see your wonder.  Open my eyes so I can understand the direction for my life.  Open my eyes so I can bleed for others when they are hurting.  Open my eyes to see the need of others.

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