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How We Force God To Lower Our Protection

Once again, I finished re-reading the book of Job and I am reminded of how pride lowers our protection against satan’s attacks.  I know what you are thinking – that Job was upright and did not sin against God.  But Job was not perfect in God’s eyes.  Look at the way God spoke to him at the end of Job’s trail:

Read Job 39-41

To summarize it was very much like God asking Job, “Just who do you think you are?  You are not God.”  In reading the above chapters you can feel God putting Job in his place.

Now listen to Job’s response:

Job Responds to the Lord

Job_42:1-6 1 Then Job replied to the Lord:

2 “I know that you can do anything,
and no one can stop you.
3 You asked, ‘Who is this that questions my wisdom with such ignorance?’
It is I—and I was talking about things I knew nothing about,
things far too wonderful for me.
4 You said, ‘Listen and I will speak!
I have some questions for you,
and you must answer them.’
5 I had only heard about you before,
but now I have seen you with my own eyes.
6 I take back everything I said,
and I sit in dust and ashes to show my repentance.”

While it may be true that Job did not sin against God, it is equally true the sin of pride was crouching at the door of Job’s heart and ready to destroy him.  Job repented of his pride and his accusations against God.

There is only one thing that causes God to lower his protection around each and every one of us and that is pride.

A short time ago, I was sitting in front of my home and I looked at the sidewalk.  I was noticing the sections where the cement had been poured leaving a man-made crack or line between each section.  I imagined one section as representing our sinful lives where we currently live and the other section as our goal of holiness and righteous living.

I image myself, and all of us, standing in that first section where we are currently living and praying and begging God to deliver us.  We pray, “Please God send help and empower me to live holy for You.”  So God responses by sending His Holy Spirit and He starts pulling on one foot attempting to pull us towards our goal of righteous living.  But we resist.  With the other foot we push back and remain resistant to the very righteousness we seek.

So we continue our prayer, “God please send help.”  So God responses and sends His Holy angles and commands them to move  behind us and start pushing, but again we resist and push back.

We pray yet again, “God help me for I am desperate. I need You.”  This time Jesus himself walks in front and reaches out His hand and starts to pull us across the line and into holiness and we receive our answer – we are free at last.

But there is a problem, for as soon as we arrive – as soon as we cross that line into holiness we puff out our chest and say, “Look what I DID!” The very second we entertain such pride the hedge of protection is lowered and we are completely unaware we are naked, in great danger and without God’s protection.  Soon afterwards the enemy comes in like a flood and we fail God yet again and we wonder what happened.

I believe this happens over and over and over in our lives.  We think that ___ or ___ is our problem, but in reality they are only symptoms of a much greater problem – our pride.  If we want to retain our victories we MUST give Him the credit.  We must humble ourselves before Him and honor Him in a spirit of thankfulness and humility.

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