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We Have God's Attention – What Are We Doing With It?

Psalms 22:3 KJ2000  But you are holy, O you that inhabit the praises of Israel.

When translating Psalms 22:3, the King James and the King James 2000 versions of the Bible leave the impression that God comes down from His throne and inhabits the praises of His people – that He walks among us as we worship.  Unfortunately, that is not the impression we get from most modern translations where we are left with the impression that God sits enthroned above the praises of His people.

Personally, while I do consult Hebrew and Greek dictionaries, I don’t trust them to be reliable sources.  The meanings and definitions of words can change very quickly over a short period of time and I find the most reliable method to determine meanings is to study how a Hebrew or Greek word was translated in the King James throughout the scriptures.

For example in the above verse the Hebrew word (yashab) translated “inhabit” in the King James 2000 version is found 1084 times in the original Hebrew:

Total KJV Occurrences: 1084

dwell, 210; dwelt, 190; inhabitants, 190; sat, 94; sit, 65; abode, 33; abide, 31; inhabitant, 31; inhabited, 29; sitteth, 25; dwelleth, 20; dwelling, 16; sitting, 15; dwellest, 14; set, 13; tarry, 13; remain, 11; remained, 10; inhabit, 8; dwelled, 6; sittest, 6; tarried, 6; placed, 5; taken, 5; abideth, 4; continued, 3; habitation, 3; abiding, 2; continue, 2; endure, 2; place, 2; satest, 2; situate, 2; abodest, 1; downsitting, 1; ease, 1; establish, 1; haunt, 1; inhabitest, 1; inhabiteth, 1; lurking, 1; married, 1; marrying, 1; remainest, 1; remaineth, 1; return, 1; setteth, 1; settle, 1; tarrieth, 1

From this study it is clear that God “comes down” and dwells among us while we worship Him.

In the book “Pour Down From The Skies – A Memoir of the Smithton Outpouring”, I read the following:

As worship began one Friday evening, an Assemblies of God pastor from Minnesota saw what he described as a “ladder descending” into our congregation.  He said that from the heavenly ladder, he saw multitudes of angels “stumbling over each other,” trying to get down and worship with the people.  This mild-mannered pastor described how it seemed as if the very “hosts of heaven wanted to join in” the glorious praise in the middle of the cornfields.

This is the true meaning of God inhabiting the praises of His people.

While we set our eyes upon heaven, God sets His eyes upon us when we humble ourselves and worship. We have the attention of all of heaven – what are we doing with it?

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