Free At Last


As some of you know, in the past, NewsYouCanBelieve was focused on political issues.  As a conservative I have been very concerned about my country.  For the last year I have listened to the Glenn Beck TV show most everyday and he would not let up on the idea that we need God.   He just kept pounding on the idea that if you want to help our country the best thing you can do is to get your own life straight.  Over and over Glenn tells his listeners to get on their knees and pray for our country – that God is the answer.

In response I began reading scripture again and in April 2010 – I decided, despite my weakness, I would at least “do what I AM willing to do” for my Savior and leave the rest for Him to judge.  I began making my way back to Christ and found His love and mercy just as sweet as ever.

There are times when I want to share my thoughts on scripture or share a prayer I wrote in my journal – I plan to use this website for that purpose.  I hope you enjoy my thoughts.

God Bless!

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